About The Project

Behind The initiative
There is a very high level art and artist in Gujarat, and it is also a great observer for encouragement.But even today, there are some artists who have not been able to get the stage for any reason and they have not been able to reach the display of their art.The thing here is not just about the artist, there are some such observers who have not been able to properly understand some art and artists.Therefore, Radiobits is launching an initiative, in which there will be a coordination between art, artist and observer, and different art and artists from across Gujarat will be found and their work will be watched by the people through www.takhto.in
how this initiative will work
We will try to bring all the Performing Arts possible on this  portal.

Meet Our Team

Akshay Somaiya

Founder,Creative Head

Kishan Ogariwala

Founder,Marketing Head

Yash Upadhyay

Content Head

Archa Somaiya


Rajendra Maru

Field Management

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